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Customs brokerage solutions for freight forwarding companies

From the very outset, W2C has provided back-office customs brokerage services for freight forwarders who are not customs brokers themselves, allowing them to stay up to date on the latest customs compliance regulations and avoid unwanted and costly surprises.

We can help freight forwarders and their clients with tariff classification for imports or exports and quickly provide estimate duties, taxes and special regulations for potential shipments. Moreover, we see to the customs brokerage invoicing of your clients, meaning that we manage the credit while you get to receive the commission. What’s more, we are able to assist you with any technical issues you may encounter with customs authorities in Canada, the United States or Europe.

W2C – A model of customs clearance efficiency

We pride ourselves on delivering extremely fast and efficient customs clearance services. We enjoy a very good working relationship with customs officials, based on providing them with pending documents in a very timely manner and always keeping the lines of communication open. This way, nothing is ever left to chance.

Collaboration, not competition

W2C does not offer freight services, which means we are the perfect partner for you as we are focused squarely on your needs – and are never in competition with you for your clients’ freight service business.

Based in Montreal, we currently serve more than 20 logistics providers. Our proven track record, reliability and confidentiality make us a recognized industry leader.